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Information on Hypo-Allergenic Fur

How is it that the Siberian is non-allergic?

There is a protein in the feline saliva called FEL D-1. When the cat cleans itself, the protein then dries on the fur leaving dander. The dander particles are small and air filters cannot remove them from the air. The Siberian is void of the FEL D1 protein, therefore no dander. However if the allergic party suffers from the IgE 'late trigger' antibody reaction, they will find no benefit in owning a Siberian.

 Are studies being done on the non-allergic fur?

No official study has been commissioned by me. Someday Science will be interested in this wonderful anomaly. But for now we have empirical analysis. After Hundreds of sales to people with “cat allergies” over a 7 year period, I already know what you must find out, that most people with cat allergies can in fact have a Siberian. About seven years ago, I sold two Siberians to an asthmatic. Because of his asthma, Ernie makes regular visits to the Mayo clinic. He informed them of his Siberians. The Mayo clinic had been using Ernie as their guinea pig, running test after test to make him react to Siberian dander. They have failed miserably, since there is no dander. The doctors still find it unbelievable but are now convinced that there is something very special and different about the Siberians. SEVEN years later Ernie is the proud owner of FOUR Male Siberians.

How was the non-allergic fur discovered?

In 1995 , I made the acquaintance of Gregg Neill, a gentleman who was working on marketing a biodegradable litter from citrus rinds. I asked him if I could try a sample. He said yes, and along with his fiancee', Debbie brought some product to my home. I became aware of his product because I read an article in a trade paper. He mentioned in the article that he didn't have a cat because his fiancee was severely allergic. Once at the house, Debbie remarked that she was not having an allergy attack. I thought it was because she was standing near an air purifier. On her second trip to my house, she remarked again about her lack of reaction. I thought she was standing too close to an open door. I was skeptical. After her third visit, Debbie insisted that there was something uniquely different about the Siberians. Again I wouldn't believe her and she remarked rather vehemently, " Look Lynda, I know my allergies!" I agreed to test her "scientifically". I placed her in a room with more than twenty Siberian adults and told her to pet the cats and then rub her eyes. After about 30 minutes, she left. I had envisioned itchy, watery eyes that had swollen shut. I called several days later to check the results. She was fine. I asked her if she wanted a Siberian, though I already knew the answer. She was so delighted, and has owned one of these beautiful cats since February 1996.

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