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 Meldgaards Nemka, SIB ns 09

Meldgaards Nemka (called Nemka) is born in our own breeding on 12-03-2013.
She is a very social and trustfull girl, who is very devoted to our family.  

She has a very unique pedigree, which is of a high value to our breeding programme. She has the russian lines of Sibiriskoe Assorti, Black and Laskoviy Zver'.  

She is free from carrying the Neva masquerade gene as her ancestors on both sides, has been tested free from DNA.
She is free of FIV / FeLV.

On 17-02-2014 she was scanned free of HCM on KVL/KU Life.

Photos of Nemka:

Meldgaards Nemka
Sort sølv makrel tabby med hvid/Black silver mackarel tabby with white/SIB ns 09 

The cats in the family:

DK Meldgaards Bazhena Boguslawa To hjerterSherkhan Laskoviy Zver' Meldgaards
DK Meldgaards Bazhena Boguslawa & 
RU* Champion Sherkhan Laskoviy Zver' Meldgaards
Parents of Meldgaards Nemka.

RU*Alisa Laskoviy Zver' Meldgaards 

Mother of DK Meldgaards Bazhena Boguslawa

Tsezar Malysh Sibirskoe Assorti
RU*Tsezar Malysh Sibirskoe Assorti
Father of DK Meldgaards Bazhena Boguslawa

Int. Ch. Agata Black
Int. Ch. Agata Black
Mother of RU*Tsezar Malysh Sibirskoe Assorti

Int. Ch. Richard Black
Int. Ch. Richard Black
Father of Int. Ch. Agata Black

Ch. Dasha Laskoviy Zver'

G. E. Ch. Floks-Enot Siberian Tayga


Angara Nezabudka Laskoviy Zver'

Bay Sultan Laskoviy Zver'

Dimka laskoviy Zver'

Zakhar Laskoviy Zver'
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