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             Champion RU* Sherkhan Laskoviy Zver' of Meldgaard, SIB n 22 

This guy is named RU * Sherkhan Laskoviy Zver ' Meldgaards (Called Sherhan).
He was born on 05-08-2006 in Moscow, Russia, and is of the same breed as our other cats named Laskoviy Zver '. He is a true Russian national treasure! We have been extremely pleased with our cats from Laskoviy Zver 'cattery in Moscow and have had a total of 4 breeding cats imported from there.

Sherhan became part of the family on 02.01.2007.
Sherhan is classic tabby, which we want to make more of in our breeding.
He has a harmonious and beautiful type, and have had a nice show career.
Sherhan are calm and sociable, and very affectionate.

However, His beauty is not so well in the summer when he loses much of its fur and become thin, like so many other fertile males. His normal weight is around 4.5 kg.
and he is not a giant.
He breed very well and have made som very fnice kittens with good temperament and good health.

The breeder Tatyana Pavlova passed away, half a year after we had bought Max, Luka & Sherkhan. After her death, we acquired also Alisa & Morozko with great honor. Tatyana was a lovely lady who loved the breed unconditionally. Her breeding is world famous, and you can find her cats around the world - yet there are not many of them.
Tatyana was among the first breeders of the breed in Moscow.

After Tatyana Pavlova, the breeder behind Laskoviy Zver 'cattery, passed away, the Russian cats club made a website about her memory and honor. See the beautiful side and the many pictures of her beautiful cats at http://laskzver.com/index.htm  Several of the cats are in the pedigree of the cats we have imported from Laskoviy Zver '.
It is an incredible breeding work that lies behind these lines.

The breeder, Tatyana, was very honest with us regarding health and she had bred most of the cats in the pedigree herself. In our work with Laskoviy Zver 'cats, we never encountered any illness or hereditary defects, so we find these lines very valuable.
And also why we want to preserve them!

Sherhan is the father of our S and X-litter in 2008, our A, Z and Y-litter in 2011 and our F and G-litter in 2012 and the last one is our N-litter in 2013. 
He has made some very nice and healthy offspring in our cattery.
Additionally, he has made a litter in 2008, with the then existing cattery DK Panthera Tigris.

Sherkhan is Champion at FIFé cat shows.

He is the 07-02-2007 has been tested free of FIV / FeLV.
In January 2007, he tested the free carrier of the Neva Masquerade gene.
He has blood group A.
He is the 05-02-2008 has been tested clear of HCM at KVL.
He is the 16-06-2009 has been tested clear of HCM.
He scanned free of HCM heart condition at KVL on 06-07-2010.

Show results:



Place Club Class Result Judge
Champion (Ch.)
01-09-2007    Bogense, DK    JYRAK 9 CAC Lone Lund
01-07-2007 Hedensted, DK JYRAK 9 CAC Lone Lund
30-06-2007   Hedensted, DK JYRAK 9 CAC Christina Kowalzhuk 

Photos of Sherkhan:


Family of Sherkhan:

RU* Shanel Laskoviy Zver'
Sherkhan's sister

Sherkhan & Shanel

Ch. Dasha Laskoviy Zver'

G. E. Ch. Floks-Enot Siberian Tayga

Ch. Alisa Laskoviy Zver'

Angara Nezabudka Laskoviy Zver'

Bay Sultan Laskoviy Zver'

Dimka laskoviy Zver'

Zakhar Laskoviy Zver'
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