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 RU*Yulika-Fram Fialka, SIB a 09 24
This little lady is called Yulika. She's born in Russia and came to us together with her breeder on 25-10-2013.
Yulika is VERY charming and devoted to her family. She has a huge personality and you can only love her!

She has a very exciting pedigree with some of the oldest bloodlines in Russia; among others Marcell, Laskoviy Zver', Tayezhnaya Skazka and a lot of foundation cats.

She has a very nice type and expression.

She's free of FIV/FeLV.

Thank you very much Elena for trusting os this wonderful girl and for many years of friendship! <3 

Photos of RU*Yulika-Fram Fialka:
The cats in the family: 

RU*Fram-Jonathan Fialka,

Yulika-Fram Fialkas father

RU*Chastushka-Oblomov Fialka, 

Yulika-Fram Fialkas mother

Fandorin Adagio
Taisv Tayezhnaya Skazka
Slavicat Damiana of Fialka
Sidimi Otrada Iz Fialka


Ralmon Marcell 

Neva-Iskander Fialka 
Larcetta Marcell
Guriy Of White Raven

Fandorin Adagio 

Filmon Sibirsky Prestige 



Augusta Mia Katzenwelt

Arseniy Tayszhnaya Skazka
Lukrietsyi Marcell

Cezar` Serebrianyi Dozhd 
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