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Buying a kitten

                                          Buying a kitten

When reserving a kitten a deposit on 400 Euro must be paid.
NB! Please notice the we don't pay for your transferring of the payment!

Price of the kitten will include:
-        2 kitten vaccinations (at 8 and 12 weeks old)
-        1 rabies vaccinations (at 12 weeks old)
-        EU pet passport
-        Micro chip (of ISO-standard)
-        Health check by the veterinarian
-        Danish FIFé pedigree and international transfer
-        Treatments against worms, ticks and fleas 

Price of a breeding cat is 1.950 Euro

Please notice that a kitten is not considered as reserved before deposit is paid!
Our kittens will be ready to leave home at 12 weeks old. If we have to keep a kitten longer than until it is 14 weeks old, then we charge 15 euro for each week extra it is taken care of by us in our home. If there is two kittens going to the same home, then we charge 25 euro in total for both kittens for each extra week.

White kittens will be sold with a certificate according to deafness, which will be made by a normal veterinarian. If you wish to have the white kitten checked for deafness by a veterinarian specialist, by using the BEAR (brainstem auditory evoked response) test, then there will be an extra price on 160 Euros. The test can be done from the kitten is 9 weeks old.

If buyer wish us to bring the kitten to cat shows, then there would be added 45 euros for each show to the final payment. The kitten can only be brought to shows, which we already plan to participate in with our other cats.  

We will make new photos of our kitten each week and they will be placed at our homepage at "Kittens gallery", where you can select the litter you wish to follow in development.

Please notice; Breeding, safety & guarantee:
If a cat sold from our breeding isn’t fertile within an age of 2 years, then there will be offered a new cat/kitten for 50 % of the price. By use of this guarantee, the cats must have been tried mated at least 3 times, with 2 different cats, which have offspring’s from former mates. There must be at least 4 weeks between the matings.

If the cat turns out to be positive of HCM, PKD, have a broken tail, is kryptorchid/monochid or have hernia, then we offer a new breeding cat for 50 % of the price. To use this guarantee, then the breeder must be handed a veterinarian certificate written and signed by the veterinarian who have examinated the cat and found the disease/penalize.
The guarantee will last for 2 years from the date the cat is bought. The guarantee does not cover FIP or any virus that is shown after the kitten has left the breeders cattery.

We always recommend that a new cat/kitten is kept separated from other cats/kittens when it enters its new home, for at least 7-10 days.
Buyer has 48 hours to return the kitten. The shipping costs must be paid by buyer! The kitten can only be returned, if it has been kept separated from other cats! All papers issued with this kitten, must be returned to the breeder.

We recommend that the cat/kitten not participate in breeding with more than 6-8 litters, and from that maximum 50 % of the offsprings go for further breeding. This is to keep special lines unique, and to provide a large genepool in the Siberian breed in the future!
No kitten or mating of this cat must be sold back to Denmark, except for DK Meldgaards.

We have exported cats to New Zealand, England, Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Canada and U.S.A. and we have imported cats from Russia, Sweden, Italy and Germany.
We prefer to meet the buyers, so that we can get to know each other, and so the buyers come to our home and pick up the kitten. If it’s not possible, then we wish for the buyers to meet us in the airport, so the kitten doesn’t have to travel alone (actually it's an official shipping rule for kittens and puppies).
If we must ship the kitten internationally, we ship by “Hecksher Linieagenturer A/S”
www.hecksher.dk or "TRUST Forwarding" www.trustforwarding.com unless the buyer has another request for shipment. If the kitten must be shipped alone, then we have to travel 370 km to Copenhagen, and therefore we need to charge the buyer 1.200 Danish Kroner for our expenses.

We recommend that the kitten will be shipped in "Cayman/Ihdra" transport boxes. They are of a very strong and good quality and we have been using them for shipping several times through the years. You are always welcome to ask us to buy a transport box for you. 

The price for a kitten sold as a pet is 1.100 Euro.
Kittens which are sold as a pet will all be neutralized!
We have chosen to neutralize all kittens, which are going to a home as a affectionate cat. We think that you will have a much happier and sweeter cat, if they are neutralized before they are starting to be sexually mature. Those kittens that are sold as an affectionate cat, and not for breeding, will be sold 1-2 weeks later, because of the neutralization.

It has to be said, that it's proved, that sexually mature cats are more aggressive then neutralized cats. And because of that, it's difficult to have more then one sexually mature cat at the time.
Then you also avoid that the cat starts marking/urinating in the home or scratching the new leather furniture and so on - 10% of all cats whom are marking/urinating won’t stop after being neutralized.
Sexually mature cats shows a tendency of wondering around and often ends up in a cat fight. - Therefore the risk of the cat being infected or hit by a car will increase drastically.

Early neutralizing hasn’t got any negative effect on the urinary tract and it's a tall story, which early neutralized cats are smaller and under developed. - Growth hormones is created in the brain and not in the bones. That means that the size of the cat is depending on genetics, environment, and feed and so on.
What's important is that a neutralized cat has a tendency of gaining weight, but this can be prevented, by using the right kind of feed. Actually there is a larger risk for gaining weight with neutralisation in a late age. It's best to be done with in 7 weeks and 7 months. When you neutralise you move the hormones. - That means less change in the body later on.

There is a much larger risk for breast cancer among cats that’s not neutralised, because of the hormones. The risk is 7 times larger!

We feel that there is a lot of advantages, when neutralizing the cat as a kitten. An operation effects the kitten much less than if it was a full grown cat. The wound will heal much sooner than on a full grown cat and the new owner wont have to worry about it later on. The cat won’t wonder around the neighbourhood and mate, with random cats. It will never end up on a "cat factory", where it's just producing kittens without pedigree.

We expect to hear from our kitten buyers and to follow the kitten for a while. Pictures are gladly accepted ;-)
If anything should happen, against all expectations, or if you have some questions or just want to talk, your always more then welcome to contact us.

DK Meldgaards, Laila & Mads Meldgaard Petersen | 8930 Randers NØ - Denmark | mail@katterimeldgaards-sibirisk.dk