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                                       Siberian kittens
Cattery DK Meldgaards is a loving hobby breeding - we are a small family with a heart who beats for cats and has a great passion for breeding.

We are very serious in our breeding program and have now some experience as breeders in this rare breed.

Our breeding stock all have ancestry from Russia, where the breed originated from, but we have gradually bred, most of our own cats through several generations. That way we know our genetic material inside out and is thus able to predict both the health, temperament and looks very well, which provides good security for the new family, that they will have a good kitty .

Our kittens grow up in the house with us, where they get the best start in life, and are equipped well to their new home, via a good socialization with us.

Our kittens are in the hands and gets cuddled, and get lots and hugs and kisses - every day they are with us in their 12 weeks.

All our cats and kittens have a special place in our hearts, and therefore it is very important for us to have a really good contact with our kittens new families, so we can follow them through their long, happy life.

It is also important for our future breeding, knowing previous offspring physical and mental development, and we are very grateful to receive images.

We regularly import new Siberian cats from Russia, if we find a unique and new breeding line, so we can bring our cattery new blood and still keep a high standard.
We spend much time studying pedigrees, to be able to select the absolute best breeding material for our cattery.

We breed only traditional Siberian cats, such as nature created them in Siberia, that is not "color point Siberian" (also called Neva Masquerade).

All our breeding animals are tested free from diseases and hereditary disorders (including heart disease among HCM) before they are included in our breeding.

We are registered in FIFe and "Jysk Race katte klub - JYRAK" (Jutland breed cat club) and has an approved cattery with vet checks.

katte i en bunkekattefamilie

DK Meldgaards, Laila & Mads Meldgaard Petersen | 8930 Randers NØ - Denmark | mail@katterimeldgaards-sibirisk.dk